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Creating a Form Mode Toolbar Using the Freeze

The Freeze acts as a stationary header for the document while in Form mode and Form mode with enable editing. It can be customized to include any number of options to allow Form mode users more control over the document, such as hiding the prior year column using a check box, navigating using a popup cell, or using a custom built menu to initiate actions.

When used in conjunction with cell events and browses, the Freeze can become even more powerful. Components in the Freeze could be built to access the Knowledge Library or Knowledge Library Index and allow staff to insert pre-built notes as needed. Supplementary documents could be opened for reference, documents may be saved or closed at the click of a button. Small- or large-scale changes to the document can be performed by staff with no familiarity with or access to the document's inner workings.

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Combining the abilities to create menu buttons, popup cells, and check boxes, it is possible to create a customized user interface for Form mode and Form mode with editing. Paragraph borders and shading can give the illusion of custom built toolbars and menus that don't simply look like a string of button cells. As well, making use of the Multiple Document Windows feature offers the ability to replace CaseView's entire menu structure with one that is custom made to meet the needs of the staff, without the clutter of unnecessary or unused features and commands.

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