Security Configurations Tab - Document Settings Dialog

This configuration allows the user to reuse groups of settings in the section and table column areas meaning that settings do not need to be redone for each area each time. For example, a security configuration can be applied to a one or a series of columns in a table without having to do each column individually. If changes are required, the security configuration can be updated and then all areas to which that configuration applies update immediately.

Select an existing configuration from the list or click New to create a new configuration.

Click new to create a new named security configuration.

Select a configuration from the list and click Delete to delete it.

Lists the security areas that than be customized in the security configuration. To specify document permissions for various areas of the document, click on an area and then select the permission level.

Operation not restricted

To permit modification of the selected area, click Operation not restricted.

Minimum Level Required

Type or select an access level to be applied to the selected operation. Access levels are defined in the group profile in Working Papers/Time.

Operation prohibited

To prevent modification of the selected area, regardless of access level, click Operation prohibited.

Use document settings

Defaults the security configuration to mirror the settings in the Document settings tab.

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