Document Settings command

Use this command to access global document settings.

View file and statistical information about the document, such as the location, or access the document Integrity Check.

Access options related to document maintenance and backup.

Configure linkage properties between CaseView and Working Papers.

Define default printing options for all CaseView documents.

Customization of the CaseView Freeze pane.

Adjust which view modes are available in CaseView as well as applicable access levels.

Define which features are available to users in CaseView's various view modes.

Set access rights to CaseView features while using Form Mode or Form Mode with enabled editing.

Create and apply Security Configuration profiles for use in other CaseView documents.

Build and maintain customized databases for use throughout the document. The database path can either be a relative path specified in the Document Settings or a fixed path. When you specify a file that is off the program directory or the client directory that directory is removed and a relative path is instead added. If the database did not exist, it is created in the specified folder.  

Track and define document version increments.

Configure backward compatibility settings to allow documents based on legacy behavior to maintain stability.

Define the location and style settings for the Note Annotation page.

Create and manage custom properties.

Select an existing repository to be used in the document.


  • Not all options are available in all modes.

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