Picture command

Use this dialog to insert a picture graphic at the cursor position or edit the properties for an existing graphic.

To access the Picture Object dialog, on the Insert tab, click Picture.

Select or type the name and path of the picture you want to insert or enter an expression that will evaluate to a file name. Use the Browse button to locate the folder for the file manually or use the Calculation Editor button to compose the calculations in the proper format. For non-embedded files, the path to the file can be a calculation. Click on the images\extdesc_shg.gif to access the Calculation Editor.

Select this option to enable the picture to become part of the CaseView document, rather than just link to the file on disk. When moving or copying the CaseView document, the picture is automatically included as part of the document. If you prefer to link to the picture based on the File Name you enter, clear this option. Each time you copy or move the CaseView document, you must copy the picture to a location where CaseView can find it.

To enlarge or reduce the original size of the picture, click Resize picture. In the Width and Height boxes, type or select the size of the picture. Clear the check box if you want to restore the picture to its original size.

Keep Aspect Ratio

When selected, the graphic returns to its original size. Once activated, the ratio of the picture is fixed, meaning that the height changes accordingly when the width changes.


Type or select the width of the picture in the Width box.


Type or select the height of the picture in the Height box.

Select this option to show the picture as it will appear when printed in the document. Clear this option to display the picture as a hollow box while working in the document. Leaving this option deselected enables CaseView to run at optimum speed. You can still view the image in the Print Preview window.

Select this option to permit modification of the picture properties while in the Form Mode (with or without editing enabled). This is useful when using picture placeholders in which the user specifies the picture in Form Mode, and can annotate it.

Displays the picture as it will appear when inserted into the document. If the picture cannot be shown, or the image type is not supported, the preview will not be available.

  • In the Form Mode with editing enabled, pictures can be edited either through either double-clicking the picture or by using the right mouse button menu.

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