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Editing a Picture

Once the picture has been inserted in the document, the user can change the properties of the picture using the same Picture Object dialog.

This is done in the Design Mode by double-clicking on the picture, or using the right-click context menu and selecting Properties.

If the option Allow user to modify the picture while in Form Mode is selected for the picture, the properties can be changed in Form Mode through the use of the right-click context menu.

Once the properties dialog opens, it behaves in the same way as the Picture Object dialog originally used to insert the image, with the following differences:

  • If the picture is embedded, and if the Embed picture in document option is cleared, the user is given the option to save the existing picture.
  • In Form Mode, the user does not have access to the Allow user to modify picture while in Form Mode option.

Users can then modify the source file and re-embed the file elsewhere in the document.

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