PDF Advanced Options Dialog

Use this dialog to specify advanced options for images generated in your PDF documents. These options can be used to reduce the file size of your PDFs and improve image quality.

Image Compression

These options specify reduction of irrelevance and redundancy in image data.

Use the drop-down list to change the compression method. The choices are:

  • Default compression
  • 256 color compression
  • JPEG compression
  • JPEG 2000 compression
  • Automatic

Use the drop-down list to specify the image quality compression of your images.

Note: If your Algorithm is set to Default compression the image quality is set to High by default.


These options control additional image settings in your generated PDFs.

Select this option to remove any images that are duplicated in the generated PDF.

Select this option to reduce the size of the image data.

Select this option to disable direct PNG/JPEG printing in the generated PDF.

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