Save as PDF Document Dialog

The Save as PDF Document dialog allows you to export or save your file as a PDF document. Use this dialog to embed fonts, export as a PDF/A document, or enable security options.

Select the location where the PDF document(s) will be saved.

Type a file name.

Use the drop-down list to select a file format for your CaseView document.

Note: As you select different formats, the files shown in the folder listing will change.

PDF Files (*.pdf)

Select this to save your document as a PDF file. This is the default file format.

All Files (*.*)

Select this to view other files in the folder listing or to save your file as a different file type.

Note: Specifying a file format other than PDF may create a corrupted file that cannot be opened.

Embeds the entire character set of all fonts used in the CaseView document when exporting to PDF.

Exports the document as PDF/A. This PDF format is compliant with ISO 19005-1. We recommend selecting this option if you want to preserve a document for archiving.

If selected, the PDF Security Options and Completely embed fonts that are used in the document options are disabled.

Note: Exporting to the PDF/A format is not supported if you are merging PDF files.

Opens the exported PDF with your default PDF application after clicking Save.

Applies security to the PDF document(s) and enables PDF security options.

Owner password

Enter a password for the owner of the PDF document(s). Re-enter and confirm the password.

User password

Enter a password that other users must enter in order to view the PDF document(s). You can use the same password as the Owner password, or create a new one.

Enable printing

Allows users to print the PDF document(s).

Enable document modification

Allows users to modify the PDF document(s).

Enable copying text and graphics

Allows users to copy text and/or graphics from the PDF document(s).

Enable modifying notes

Allows users to modify notes in the PDF document(s).

  • If Working Papers is not running when a document is saved, it will not be saved to the Document Manager. The saved document can be located in the directory of the client file.

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