Diagnostics List command

Use this command to run a diagnostic analysis on the CaseView document while in the Design Mode.

CaseView's automatic diagnostics check every cell in the document for calculation errors, rounding errors, and linkage errors. Each time the automatic diagnostics are run, a report is generated that analyzes the number of times cells are linked to the trial balance. The report also cautions about accounting information that is missing from the CaseView document. Use the automatic diagnostics to find all document inconsistencies and correct them. The Auto Diagnostics dialog is a "floating dialog" that stays open while the document is corrected.

The list displays each type of diagnostic error in the document along with details of the error. Highlight the desired diagnostic error in the list and use the buttons on the right to interact with them.

Use the refresh button when correcting cells in the document using the Jump button. Once a cell is corrected, clicking Refresh re-runs the diagnostics, omitting all corrected cells from the list.

Select an error and then click Jump to locate the cell. Make any necessary changes to the cell.

Click to print a report outlining all diagnostics errors.

When the selected diagnostic has been corrected, click Clear to remove it from the list.

Select the types of diagnostic errors CaseView should display. Unchecked diagnostics will be checked for but not listed when a diagnostic analysis is executed.

Overridden Cells

To list all cells in which the calculation has been overridden with input text, select Overridden Cells.

Section Comparison Flag

To indicated sections that did not match up during the most recent section comparison analysis, select Section Comparison Flag.


To display for rounding errors in the CaseView document, select Rounding.

ACT Linkage

To display diagnostic errors pertaining to account linkage, select ACT Linkage.

MAP Linkage

To display diagnostic errors pertaining to Map numbers linked to cells in CaseView, select MAP Linkage.

LS Linkage

To display diagnostic errors pertaining to leadsheets linked to cells in CaseView, select LS Linkage.

Syntax Errors

To display calculation errors in the CaseView document, select Syntax Errors.

Value Changed

To list all cells with changed values in the CaseView document, select Value Changed.


To display diagnostic errors created specifically for the current document, select Custom. For more information, see Creating custom diagnostics.

Select the categories of diagnostics to run.


Lists all errors in the CaseView document.


Provides warning about inconsistencies in the CaseView document.


Provides warning about hidden items in the CaseView document.

Multiply Linked

Lists accounts, map numbers, and leadsheets that are linked to cells in CaseView more than once.

Not Linked

Lists accounts, map numbers, and leadsheets whose balances are never linked to cells in CaseView.


Lists all cells containing calculations referenced to non-existent items in the accounting database.

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