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About Paragraph Formatting and Spacing

The appearance of a CaseView document depends largely on which formatting is applied to the various paragraphs.

To change the formatting of a paragraph, select the paragraph and then apply the desired formats. It is not necessary to select all of the text in a paragraph; just position the insertion point in the paragraph, or select any amount of text in the paragraph.

On the Home tab, clicking Paragraph opens the Paragraph dialog and allows the user access to formatting options. This dialog is accessible in Design Mode and in Form Mode with Editing Enabled if permissions are set to allow access.

  • Holding Shift while opening the Paragraph dialog displays the paragraph number of the selected paragraph in the title bar of the dialog. If more than one paragraph is selected, the range of paragraph numbers display.
  • Press Ctrl+G to quickly access the Paragraph dialog.
  • You can copy formatted text from Microsoft Word and paste it into CaseView to retain the style. Create a new style from the text to reuse the formatting. However, not all formatted text can be copied into CaseView.

Instead of pressing Enter to add blank lines after a paragraph, use the Paragraph command on the Home tab to add space before and after the paragraph, to adjust line spacing in the paragraph and to set the paragraph's height exactly.

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