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Adding an Image to the Image Manager

  1. On the Tools tab, click Images.

    In the Images box, information about the images is displayed. You can reorder the columns by dragging and dropping them. Click the column header to sort them.

  2. Click Add to locate and select an image which will become part of this CaseView document.
  3. In the Label box, enter a unique identifier for the image.

    Note: The label is case sensitive.

  4. If applicable, select Use Transparency Color and select the color closest to the document's existing background.

    Note: Portable Network Graphics (.PNG) can be configured to be transparent on any background. Use an external graphics package to set the transparency property and then add or replace the .PNG image in the Image Manager.

  5. Check the format, size and the preview of the image to make sure it is what you wanted.
  6. Click OK.

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