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About Multiple Document Windows

The Multiple Document Windows feature enables users to launch multiple CaseView documents in unique windows, which appear separate on the Windows Taskbar. Each unique screen contains the full functionality of the software, though they all run under the processing load of a single instance of CaseView.

We recommend using this feature when editing long documents You can have multiple sections of a document open at once. Any changes made in one instance of the document will be updated in all other instances of the document. Each document window can be moved and resized as needed to make use of multi-monitor configurations.

  1. In Design mode, click the Tools tab, and then click Options | Interface.
  2. Select Multiple Document Windows.
  3. Click OK. If multiple documents are already open in CaseView, they will each receive their own window workspace. Any document launched from Working Papers or Time will be in a unique window as well.
  • Full Screen mode is unavailable when working with Multiple Document Windows.
  • Docked browses are unavailable when working with Multiple Document Windows enabled.
  • To close the active Multiple Document Window, press Alt+F4.

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