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Linking Sort Groups

Linking sort groups creates a "Link Set". Once sort groups are linked into a Link Set, sorting one group automatically sorts the other sort group that is part of the Link Set in exactly the same manner.

If you had two identical tables - one containing current year information and the second containing prior year information – you could create a sort group for each table and then link those two sort groups into a Link Set. Once linked, sorting one table would sort the information in the second table in exactly the same order.

If you have a document containing a manual Table of Contents, a Link Set can be used to ensure that the Table of Contents order always mirrors the order of the information in the document – even if sections of the document are reordered. As long as both the table of contents and the sections or paragraphs of content have an assigned sort group, these two groups could be linked. Once linked, whenever the content in the document sorts, the Table of Contents would also sort and remain in sync with the contents.

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