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About Sort Groups

Sort groups can be created in tables and in sections. In a section they can be defined for either the section as a whole or to paragraphs within the section. For more information on section sort groups and sorting paragraphs in a section, see Setting up Sorting of Paragraphs within a Section and Setting up Sorting of Sections.

In tables, the sort group can be any group of continuous rows in a table. Sort groups can be very useful for sorting the content of a table without having to worry about accidentally including subtotal rows, or multiple header rows or footer rows that might be part of the table. See Creating a Sort Group in a Table for more information.

Once created, users can specify the sort group in the Sort Table Group, Sort Sections, or Sort Paragraphs events to specify sorting just this sort group.

In addition, once a sort group containing rows has been created, it can be linked to other sort groups in the document such as sort table sections or section sort groups. See Linking Sort Groups for more information.

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