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Inserting a Column in a Table

  1. On the Home tab, click Table | Insert | Columns.

  2. To insert the column to the right of the current column, select the Insert after Current Column option. If cleared, the column is inserted before the current column.
  3. In the Column Type drop-down list, select the type of column to control how CaseView handles data entered in the column. Selecting Copy of Current Column not only inserts a new column but also copies the content of the column where the cursor sits.

  4. In the Insert box, type or select the number of columns to insert. CaseView supports up to a maximum of 208 columns in a single table.
  5. Click OK.

  • There is no autofit for contents for tables in CaseView. If you add a column, you must resize the columns until all your data fits. If not, the type will go off the right margin. The only margin you can set is the left one. This is common to most word processors.
  • Once the table is created, there is no way of modifying the type of a column. To do so, you must delete the column and then insert a new column with the specified column type.
  • When inserting numeric cell columns, CaseView automatically numbers them based on the table identifier. Therefore, table cells have numbers like SLH.A1 where A1 is column A, row 1 and SLH is the table identifier.

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