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Adding Table Borders and Shading

  1. Place the cursor in the row, column or cell where you want to set borders or shading.
  2. On the Home tab, click Table | Properties, then click the Borders and Shading tab.

  3. In the Apply To drop-down list, specify the part of the table the formatting changes should affect.
  4. Under Styles, select a pattern for the table borders. Select Custom to draw or change borders along individual edges of the cells and to vary the borders around the selected cells.
  5. Under Line Style, select a style for the border lines, a line color and a number to size the line thickness in points.
  6. If applicable, set a color to shade the cells. In order for shading to work, each table cell must have the same before and after spacing otherwise white spaces appear.
  7. In the Vertical Alignment drop-down list, select the position of cell contents within the cells of the selected area. The effect will appear only when print previewing the document.
  8. To continue the border across the space between columns, select Underline space between columns.
  9. To continue the shading between columns, select Shade space between columns.
  10. Click OK.

  • Use the Preview area to add, modify or remove custom borders quickly.

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