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Adjusting Table Column Properties

  1. From the Home tab, click Table | Properties, and then click Column | Column Properties.
  2. In the properties list box, select the column you want to modify.
  3. If applicable, change the column width.

    To size column widths automatically so that the table fits between the page margins, click the Auto fit columns box. When Autofit is checked, the table adjusts automatically to your page setup.

    If you are setting a column's width, ensure the column width is large enough to accommodate any fixed width CaseView cells it contains.

    Then enter a number for the space between the columns. The space between columns calculates as part of the total column width, so the total of the spaces between columns must be at least 0.10 less than the width of the column as a whole. In addition, the spaces between the columns cannot overlap any existing indents set in the column.

  4. If desired, enter a logical skip condition to prevent the column from printing when given criteria is met.
  5. If applicable, type a logical condition to hide this column from the User in the Form Mode. Then select an option for adjusting the table when a column is hidden.

Tip: If you adjust the width of a variable width alphanumeric cell, making the text wider than the new cell width, the text will now automatically wrap.


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