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Adding a Company Logo to Statements and Invoices

You can include a company logo in both CaseView statement and invoice templates.

With Protection activated, you require the following right in the file

  • Company profile under the File category
  1. Click File | Company Profile.
  2. Click the Statements, Credit Notes, or Invoices tab.
  3. Click the Edit Statement, Edit Credit Note, or Edit Invoice button.
  4. For statements select Edit Statement | Client Statement or Group Statement.

    For invoices select Edit Invoice | Billing from WIP Invoice or Miscellaneous Invoice.

    CaseView opens.

  5. In CaseView, click the Edit button. Select Header | Header 1. The document's header appears.

  6. The top left of the Header 1 document is the default position for the company logo. Double-click on the Insert Company Logo image.

    Note: If you are editing Basic or the Miscellaneous Invoice logos cannot be embedded in the document.

    To set up an invoice with an embedded logo (saved in the document itself), use the detailed invoice.

  7. Delete any text in the Filename field. Click Browse. The file open dialog appears.

  8. Select your company logo from your local or network location, and then click Open.
  9. You can also choose to embed the image in the document, change its dimensions, and show the picture while viewing the document. For more information, click hereFor more information, click here.

  10. Click OK.
  11. Click File | Save

The image has been inserted into the header of the statement or invoice.