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Getting Help

CaseWare Connector comes equipped with a complete online help that includes both reference and step-by-step information. There are several ways of getting the information you need.

Information to guide you as you use Connector is a button click away. Press the F1 key while on a particular menu item, in a dialog box, or any of the browse windows to pop up an explanation of the function performed by that function or dialog. The Help button accesses the same information.

When you select Help Topics from the Help menu, you can access a complete online reference guide for your application. This is where to head for detailed information to guide you through a particular task or dialog box.
To search for the information that you need, select one of the following tabs:
Click the Contents tab to see the Help system arranged into chapters and sections of related topics. Chapters and section heads appear as book icons and the topics are represented by page icons. Click a topic page to see the procedure referenced. From the Contents tab you can print a topic. Select the icon and then click the Print button.
The Search page provides full-text searching through the Help system for a particular word or phrase. Type in the first few letters of the term until it appears in the listing.
Use Favorites to set links to topics that you consult frequently.

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