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Getting Started

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  • Connector linkages can be generic in nature. Formulas may not refer to a specific client file which allows the linkages to retrieve data from potentially any Working Papers client file.

  • The User Defined Functions (UDF) protocol is the latest method of linking Microsoft Office documents with the Working Papers database. UDF offers enhanced functionality over its predecessor, the Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) protocol.

  • Convert links from third-party applications to Connector links that are compatible with Working Papers. A conversion tool is available from Connector for replacing existing link formulas with their corresponding equivalents in Connector.

  • When a worksheet is protected, all of its cells are locked by default. As a result, some features in Connector are disabled when a workbook or worksheet is protected.

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  • The Connector toolbar consists of shortcut buttons and the Connector Tools menu.

  • The context (right-click) menu in Word and Excel has an additional Connector menu. These menu options are provided in addition to the Connector toolbar and Tools menu.