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Drill Down

Use the Drill Down command to review the applicable interface content of the client file in Working Papers.

To drill down:

  • Click a link in the Excel or Word file and select Tools | Drill Down from the Connector Toolbar.
  • Press Alt+double click on a formula.

Note: Clicking on an existing link or creating a new link in Word/Excel 2003 may display a warning message about clicking on hyperlinks. For information on disabling this error, see External Links Warning from Word or Excel.

Working Papers automatically opens the interface content most applicable to the information:

  • Engagement Properties related functions open the correct Engagement Properties dialog.
  • User defined data related functions open the User Defined Data dialog.
  • Account, Map, Group, and Tax Export Codes related functions display in a temporarily generated Trial Balance automatic document.
  • The entity number can be specified in the drill down.
  • Specific periods can be drilled down to.
  • Links to Account Numbers cannot be drilled down.
  • If the function references a file other than the active file, the referenced file opens first.
  • If the formula links to more than one interface content the drill down does not behave properly. Example: A formula linked to an Engagement Property and User Defined Data will not drill down to either dialog.