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Performing a Silent Installation

Connector supports silent installations where monitoring and manual input during the installation process are not required.

  • An executable file, which can be any of the following:
    • setup.exe - Standard installation file
    • setup64.exe - Installation file for 64-bit versions of Office
    • setup86.exe - Installation file for 32-bit versions of Office
    • ConnectorSetup.exe - Packaged installation file

To perform a silent installation:

  1. Open the Command Prompt (Start | All Programs | Accessories).
  2. Browse to the directory with the downloaded setup executable.
  3. Enter one of the following commands, depending on the type of setup that you are trying to perform:

    • setup.exe /S "/s /v"/qb""
    • setup64.exe /S /v"/qb"
    • setup86.exe /S /v"/qb"
    • ConnectorSetup.exe /silent

    Note: For more information about the above switches, please see the Available Switches for Silent Installations.

Access either Microsoft® Word or Excel to view the newly installed Connector Toolbar. CaseWare Connector is located on the Add-Ins tab. A reboot is not required unless a Microsoft Office product was open during the installation.

  • The standard silent installation uses an additional /s switch and all setup types require the double-quotation marks where specified.
  • There is no space between the /v switch and the next argument.
  • You can install to a custom directory using INSTALLDIR and specifying the fully qualified path of the folder (i.e. setup.exe "/s /v"/qb INSTALLDIR=\"C:\myCustomFolder\""").
  • Connector supports the /stage_only parameter.

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