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Adding a Document Reference

Document references are links in Word or Excel that open to specific documents in the Working Papers file.

By default, document references will refer to the client file that is currently open in Working Papers. If no client file is currently open, then:

  • In Word, you are prompted to specify the client file.
  • In Excel, Connector uses the associated client file and if one cannot be found, then you are prompted to specify the client file.
  1. Place your cursor in the appropriate cell in Excel or position in Word.
  2. Click the document icon ( or ) or Tools | Reference | Document.
  3. Specify a client file if necessary.
  4. Select the document from the Document Manager of the active Working Papers file.
  5. Modify the label, font settings, and jump settings if applicable. >>Quick Reference
  6. Click OK.

The link appears in Word or Excel. Click the link to ensure the document reference is correct.

Ensure to save your document after verifying the changes.

  • The client file path is included in the document reference only if you are prompted to specify a client file.
  • Excel only: You can add a document reference in conjunction with formula linkages. Enable this setting from Tools | Options. Check the Combine Links check box.

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