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Common Issues in Word

The following topic outlines some of the common issues experienced when using Connector in Word.

Ensure to save your document after verifying the changes.

Note: This only occurs in Microsoft Office 2013.

If a drop-down menu extends beyond the bottom of the Linkage dialog, the value of the list items outside of the dialog boundary will not be accepted when the item is clicked.


  • Highlight the menu item that extends past the Linkage dialog and press Enter, or
  • Increase the size of the Linkage dialog so that the dialog is large enough to accommodate the length of the drop-down menus.

For more information, please see Selecting from Linkage dialog drop-down menus in Word and Excel.

Microsoft Word's built-in security measures may be preventing Connector from functioning.


  1. Go to the menu Tools | Macro | Security.
  2. On the Trusted Sources tab, ensure to select the "Trust all installed add-ins and templates" check box.

If an Excel spreadsheet embedded in a Word document contains DDE Links, Excel may become unstable when opening the Word document.

Workaround: Convert the DDE links within the Excel spreadsheet to UDF links, or choose to update the automatic links within the spreadsheet by doing the following:

  1. Open the Word document that contains the embedded Excel spreadsheet.
  2. Use the Recalculate functionality in Connector.
  3. Click on the Microsoft Word Update link option to synchronize the data.

After leaving the Linkage dialog open within an embedded spreadsheet in a Word document and closing a separate instance of Excel, Excel launches unexpectedly when switching back to the Word document. An Excel window will also appear that cannot be closed. The window will only disappear when the embedded spreadsheet becomes non-active. If you try to close the window, a crash may occur. This is an Excel issue when working in an embedded spreadsheet in Word.

Workaround: Ignore the window that appears when working in the embedded spreadsheet when Excel is opened in the same instance.

If a cell appears with a marquee in an embedded Excel spreadsheet, Excel will stop working when users click anywhere outside of the embedded spreadsheet. A marquee appears around a cell as a flashing, dashed outline (). Common functions like Cut, Copy, and Paste can leave cells in this state.

Workaround: Before clicking outside of the embedded spreadsheet, ensure that a marquee is not present. Double-click anywhere inside of the embedded spreadsheet to remove it.

When multiple Word documents with embedded spreadsheets are opened at once, it is difficult to switch from a selection in one cell of an embedded spreadsheet to a selection in another embedded spreadsheet. The Linkage dialog may also start to blink.

Solution: Edit one embedded Excel spreadsheet at a time. Click outside of the embedded Excel spreadsheet to ensure it is not active.


  1. Double-click on the table and select Formulas | Calculation Options | Automatic.
  2. Right-click on the Word document, outside of the embedded table, and click Connector | Recalculate.

This issue is a bug introduced in Word 2013 and does not affect any other versions.

An overlapping issue is introduced if the cursor is left in the area not marked for restriction when applying the restriction.

Workaround: The batch conversion produces a log for the conversion results. If some documents are reported as failed converting, they can be converted individually by selecting Connector|Tools|Convert|Connectro DDE Links.

Occurs when the following two conditions are met:

  • Working Papers 2014 was installed after Working Papers 2015.
  • Clicking on a newly-created document hyperlink.

Installing Working Papers 2014 after installing Working Papers 2015 is not a supported scenario.

Solution: Reinstall Working Papers 2015.


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