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Tickmark Dialog

The Tickmark dialog enables you to apply tickmarks from the active Working Papers client file to the Word or Excel document.

Access the Tickmark dialog by clicking the icon(or ) or Tools | Reference | Tickmark.

Options Description
Include Image

This check box includes the icon of the selected tickmark as a picture in the document.

Note: For protected workbooks and worksheets this option is disabled.

Include ID This check box includes the ID of the select tickmark. If no other options are checked, this option is included by default.
Include Description This check box includes the description of the selected tickmark.
Use Font Settings

This check box enables you to format the tickmark text. Use the Font button to open the Formatting dialog.

This button opens the Font dialog. Apply custom font, font style, size, color and effects to the tickmark text.

Note: The settings apply to the current text and are saved for any subsequent text. All prior changes are not affected.

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