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Frequently Asked Questions

This topic discusses some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) when using Connector.

  • Follow the instructions in Connector Add-in is disabled

  • You can use the Unlink command to convert links to static values. For more information, see Unlinking Connector Formulas

  • To connect your Word or Excel file to Working Papers, the preferred method is to use the Document Manager. Follow the instructions in Connecting to Working Papers.

  • There are several methods for modifying or editing a link. For more information, see Editing Links.

  • You can use the Relink command to convert static values that have been previously "unlinked". For more information, see Relinking Connector Formulas.

  • Yes. Connector 2012.00 and higher supports working with multiple Excel documents from different versions of Working Papers on a single computer. You can now open Connector documents that link to client files of different versions of Working Papers at the same time.

  • Yes. Connector should function properly in this scenario, providing files are located on the SharePoint server while Working Papers files are local or on a file server. Note that this only works with Internet Explorer.