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Customizing Automatic Documents

Working Papers has flexible features to help customize your automatic documents. Learn advanced techniques on how to streamline automatic documents to suit you needs.

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  • A dBase filter can be used on some automatic documents to filter results. Only transactions, accounts or balances matching the dBase filter will display. A filter can be established on any field in the AM or GL database. Multiple conditions can be used.

  • Drilldown
  • Double- clicking a line in an automatic document will drill down to the supporting document or transaction detailing it.

  • Structures
  • Use structures to create financial statement categories in Trial Balance, Leadsheet, and Analytical Review documents.

  • Consolidated View
  • The basic difference between a non-consolidated view and a consolidated view is that a distinct entity or a distinct account pair appears on different lines in a non-consolidated view while for a consolidated view, accounts for all entities appear on the same line.

  • Column Freeze
  • Working Papers offers a column freeze for documents. When viewing a wide automatic document that stretches past the right margin of the screen, the left-most columns which contain the Account Numbers and Account Descriptions will remain onscreen as the document is scrolled to the right.

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