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You can add annotation to items throughout Working Papers. It can be added to the following:

  • A line or total line in an automatic document. >>How Do I?
  • An account or total in the Working Trial Balance. >>How Do I?
  • Any image, PDF or document link with internal viewer selected. >>How Do I?

Annotations added to the working trial balance are "global" annotations that show not only in the trial balance but also on any documents using the annotated accounts. Annotations added to documents using the Document tab show on the current document only. Annotations added to documents using the Global tab show on the trial balance as well as any documents referencing the annotated account.

Annotations in Working Papers have additional information displayed in the ToolTip that appears when you hover over them. This includes the full description of the note, tickmark or reference. The Created By and Last Modified By, user and date information is also displayed. Tag underlining and color control are also available in the internal image viewer.

This information is displayed in Annotation columns in the interface and through the Note Viewer, available under the View menu. This information is not included in printed versions of documents or PDFs.

Line Annotations

  • Can be used in most automatic documents, as well as the Account and Cash Flow setup in the Working Trial Balance to add annotation to any account line, including subtotals. In the Spreadsheet Analysis document, it's a column annotation but acts similarly to a line annotation.
  • For any line with multiple annotations (for example, one set entered in the automatic document and another from the working trial balance), the annotation will be grouped by type (annotation number, followed by tickmarks, followed by document references)

Total Annotations

  • Total Annotations can be used to add annotation to any total line in the trial balance.


  • Notes are numbered sequentially throughout a document. Adding an annotation automatically adjusts the numbering of other annotation notes in the document.
  • When printing, annotation notes print at the end of the documents following any commentary text included in the document. For more information on commentary text, see Adding commentary to a document

Document Reference

  • Document reference inserts a link to open the referenced document.

Manual Reference

  • Manual references are similar to document reference but allow the user to input a generic annotation.
  • If a document is subsequently created with the same number as the reference, the annotation will be linked to the document automatically and from then on will be recognized as a document reference.


  • Tickmarks are maintained in the Tickmark worksheet. See Creating new tickmarks for more details.
  • Hovering over a tickmark will show who created it and when it was created.