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-- How Do I? --

Copying Annotations in Automatic Documents

  1. Right-click the annotation and select Copy Annotation. To copy a specific note, tickmark, document reference, or manual reference, right click on the specific annotation and select Copy Note, Copy Tickmark, Copy Document Reference or Copy Manual Reference.
  2. Right-click the line where you want to paste the annotation and select Paste. Multiple lines can be copied and pasted by holding down the SHIFT key.
  • Copied annotations retain the same note numbers. If you edit an instance of an annotation that has been copied, Working Papers asks if you wish to change all related annotations. If you select not to change the other instances of the annotation, the link between the annotation being changed and the other instances of the annotation is broken and the changed annotation is assigned a new note number automatically.
  • When copying a global annotation to a total line, the annotation will be converted to a document only annotation.

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