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Annotating an Account in the Working Trial Balance

You can add annotations to an account or total in the Working Trial Balance.

  1. On the Working Trial Balance select an account you want to annotate and from the Home tab, in the Annotate group, click Line.

    Tip: You can annotate a total line by clicking Total on the Home ribbon.

  2. The Annotation dialog will open and by default will add the annotation to the specific document only. Click the Global tab in the dialog or toggle Global on the Home tab to change the default and have the annotation show in the trial balance and on all documents displaying the annotated account.
  3. Fill in the applicable fields of the dialog. >>Quick Reference
  4. Click OK to add the annotation and close the dialog.

The annotation will be added to the annotation column in the working trial balance and any automatic document that contains the account annotated.

  • To add annotations to multiple lines in the document:
    1. Hold shift and click to highlight the applicable lines and then right-click the highlighted lines and select either New Note, Tickmark, Document Reference, or Manual Reference.
  • Total Annotations can be applied globally for subtotals only.
  • To remove all annotations, right-click the line and select Delete Annotations. To remove specific annotations, right click the Note, Tickmark or Reference and select Delete Note, Delete Tickmark or Delete Reference.
  • Annotations can be copied and pasted. See Copying annotations in automatic documents for more information.
  • Tickmarks are maintained in the Tickmark worksheet. To open it, on the Engagement tab, in the Setup group, select Tickmarks. See Creating new tickmarks for more details.

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