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Issues are electronic review notes used to identify and resolve concerns in the client file. You can use issues to note problems in a document or specific line items and then have these issues assigned to staff members to investigate. Use issues to manage and track workloads in a client file.

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  • Use the New Issue dialog to create reminders or tasks that staff members should address during an engagement.

  • You can use the issues pane to work on, track, and manage issues in the client file. This interface is organized into views that you can use to filter issues by property. A context (right-click) menu is available from different parts of this pane with additional commands.

  • Multiple menus in Working Papers provide tools for working with Issues.

  • To access the Issues options for a document, open the Document Properties, then select the Issues tab.

  • The Issues automatic Document Type lists issues that can be organized in various ways to include or exclude issues based on date or user.