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Working with Synchronized Consolidated Files

These synchronized copies may be accessed as necessary in either an online or offline state. However, in order to reconsolidate, the main consolidation synchronized copy must be online with the main consolidation top-level parent on the server (even if a synchronized copy is acting as the peer parent).

If the main consolidation sync copy is offline, the Engagement | Consolidate option is available, but will attempt to connect to the top-level parent. A warning appears if the top-level parent is unavailable and the consolidation process fails. Imports to consolidated files are also disabled in offline sync children since they can affect the structure of the file.

Only one user may work within the Consolidation dialog at a time. If a second synchronized copy attempts to open the dialog, it will open but the contents will be read-only. No changes to the consolidation structure can be made and a reconsolidation may not take place.

If the synchronized copy of one of the subsidiary level client files is unavailable, the consolidation will still work. It will revert to the stored server path to find a copy of the subsidiary. However, Working Papers will present this dialog when it fails to contact the synchronized copy: