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Working with SmartSync

When you are working in SmartSync there are some common operations that you will perform. There are also different ways to interact with your file.

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  • Working online connects to the parent file. In an online state, changes are sent or received immediately.
  • Work offline to disconnect from the parent file. In an offline state, no changes are sent or received with all changes saved locally until a connection to the parent file is established.
  • Consolidation can either be internal or external. Internal consolidations are handled by SmartSync in the same way as any typical client file. For external consolidations, ensure the parent and subsidiary client files are stored on a server.

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  • Information on the different statuses displayed in Working Papers SmartSync files.

  • The Synchronization Properties dialog displays information on current sync copies and the parent and top-level parent files.

  • Close all open external documents before closing a sync file to ensure changes to open documents are synchronized.