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Closing a Sync File

Closing a sync copy requires additional considerations if any external documents are open, such as Word, Excel, or CaseView documents. Changes to open documents are not synchronized if saved after closing the client file.

Closing a sync file while external documents are open displays a prompt with the following options:

Note: If you are storing your client file on a USB drive, ensure that you use the "Safety Remove Hardware" function to remove your USB device after closing your client file. Failure to use this function could result in missing sync events or document scrambling.

  • Save and close external documents - saves and closes the external documents, synchronizes the changes and closes the client file.
  • Leave the documents open - does not save or close the external documents, synchronizes other changes and closes the client file.
  • Retry - attempt to sync again. Click after manually closing the external files. Synchronizes the changes and closes the client file.
  • Cancel - does not close or sync the file and returns to Working Papers.