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About CaseWare Cloud

CaseWare Cloud is a platform that introduces many of your favorite Working Papers features as web services; available on demand from your preferred device or computer. Cloud can help you organize your engagements and simplify collaboration between colleagues and with clients alike - all from a convenient and secure location on the web.

Cloud has an extensive list of features available for Working Papers users. Depending on your setup, you can access the following features:

  Publishing files to Cloud Integrating files with Cloud Uploading and sharing files

Cloud security

Simplify the firm administration of users and security access. For more information, see Cloud Security.


CaseWare Q

Activate this Cloud app to monitor key data from your engagement file. See here for more information.


Metadata sync

Synchronize file metadata such as engagement properties between Working Papers and Cloud.


File upload from Working Papers

Drag and drop files to Cloud from Working Papers



Activate this Cloud app to perform time and billing from Cloud. See here for more information.

Client portal

Share files with colleagues and clients from a secure and central location.

Collaborate in Cloud

Use the Discussion and Task features in Cloud to collaborate on files.

Getting Started

To integrate Working Papers with Cloud, you must first have access to a CaseWare Cloud account. You then need to integrate Working Papers with your specific Cloud server, see Integrating your copy of Working Papers with Cloud for instructions.

After integrating Working Papers with Cloud, a new Cloud tab becomes available on the Working Papers ribbon. For SmartSync users, the Cloud tab replaces the SmartSync tab. See Cloud tab for information on available commands.

Engagement files can then be published to or integrated with entities in Cloud, or simply used to upload and share files.

Note: When publishing or integrating with a Cloud entity, your engagement file is converted to support this Cloud connection; your file cannot be converted back to a regular Working Papers file. Additionally, you cannot rename a file once it has been published or integrated to a Cloud entity.

For firms using SmartSync, publishing files to Cloud is the same as publishing files to a SmartSync Server. Cloud can store the parent file and users can create sync copies from it.

For instructions on publishing, see Publishing a Working Papers file.

By integrating engagement files with their corresponding entities in Cloud, you can synchronize the file metadata (such as engagement properties) with Cloud and start using Cloud features to collaborate on your engagements.

For more information, see About synchronizing engagement properties with Cloud.

You can also use Cloud as a document repository and client portal. You can then upload documents and share them with clients or collaborate with colleagues outside the Working Papers file.