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-- How Do I? --

Publishing a Working Papers File

Working Papers client files that are in a non-sync state can be published to Cloud or a SmartSync Server for use as a top-level parent file.

  1. Open the non-SmartSync engagement file in Working Papers.
  2. On the Cloud or SmartSync tab, click Publish.
  3. Select the appropriate Cloud server or SmartSync Server where the file is to be published and the entity where it will be added. If there are no Cloud or SmartSync servers, from the Server drop-down menu, select Add Server and enter the server and label.

  4. Click OK.

The client file is published to Cloud or the SmartSync Server.

  • If the connection to the server fails, the file is not published.
  • You can continue to work in the file while it is being published.
  • The synchronization status indicates Publishing until the file transfer is complete. For more information, see Sync Status .
  • The file is not available to other users until the publishing process is complete. If the process is interrupted, the upload resumes where it was interrupted after a connection is re-established.
  • Contact your network administrator for server specifications.