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In Tracker, views are different ways of looking at the engagement file data. You can customize the views so that only the information relevant to you is immediately available. For example, you can create a view called Lockdown and filter the data to see only the files that will be locked down for specific jurisdictions and classes.

There are two types of views:

  • Shared - Only someone with administrative rights to shared views can create a shared view. Once a shared view is created, the view can be published so it is available to all those attached to the Data Store.
  • Personal - If you do not have administrative rights to shared views, you can only create personal views for use on your local computer. If you move to another computer, your personal views will not be displayed.

Note: Anytime you create, copy, customize, or delete a shared view, others connected to the Data Store see the changes only after they close and reopen Tracker.

Sample views created by CaseWare are displayed when you open Tracker. They are available for you to use; however, if you prefer, you can create your own views. Perhaps a sample view fits your needs except you want to make a couple of changes; you can copy the sample view and customize the view.

Follow this process with views:

See Managing the Views for additional information on views.

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