Common Buttons

The following common buttons appear throughout the Audit template.

Button Description

New Risk

Open the Risk Dialog to document risks identified throughout the audit.

The drop-down menu next to the New Risk button provides the following options:

Option Description

New Risk

Same action as the New Risk button: open the New Risk dialog.

Import Risk

Import risks from another file.

New Control

Opens the Controls Dialog to document controls identified throughout the audit.

The drop-down menu next to the New Control button provides the following options:

Option Description

New Control

Same action as the New Control button: open the New control dialog.

Import Controls

Import controls from another file.

New Reportable Item

Opens the New Reportable Item Dialog to document reportable items identified throughout the audit.

Generate Populate the report based on options selected.


Opens an area where options for the report are configured. Use the drop-down lists to select items.

Business Cycle

Opens an area where additional business cycles can be defined. Cycles can be added or deleted and relevant control matrix and walkthrough documents can be defined.


Refreshes the opening balances from the engagement trial balance and update planning balances in the Financial Statement Areas Worksheet.

Refreshes the Management Letter with pre-defined reportable items and specified configuration settings.

Risk Report

Inserts/removes the risk report area in Financial Statement Areas Worksheet and Work Programs/Checklists. When included, the risk report information displays at the top of the worksheet and shows risks that are applicable to all financial statement areas affected (Entity level risks).

Management Letter Report Inserts/removes the management letter report area in Work Programs/Checklists.

Show/Hide Ruler

Shows/hides the ruler at the top of the work program. The ruler can be used to resize column size within the work program.

Shows/hides the document/procedure guidance.

Page Setup

Select the desired paper size and orientation. Options for orientation are portrait or landscape and for paper size A4 or letter paper.

Save View

Saves a view based on selected filters in Risk Reports or Control Matrices.

Delete View

Deletes a view previously saved in Risk Reports or Control Matrices.

Risk Report

Opens the risk report in a new window.


Launches Constellation

Financial Statement Areas Worksheet

Opens the Financial Statement Areas worksheet in a new window.

Audit Optimiser Confirmation Report Opens the Audit Optimiser Confirmation Report.


Opens the online help specific to the current template document.

Document Manager/ Work Flow Panel

Returns to the Working Papers Document Manager/Work Flow Panel.

Updates the tooltip for procedure conditions and actions in a work program/checklist.

Drop-Down List Control

Select an item from a predefined list.

In some circumstances, you can select Other from the list to display an input cell where you can type your own description.

This online help system applies to all CaseWare Audit, Review and Compilation products. Not all features are available in all products.