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Copying Risks from Another Client File

You can copy risks from another client file by using the Copy Components Wizard to copy the Risk Report from the other file.

To copy risks from another file:

  1. From the File menu in Working Papers, select Copy Components.

  2. Select Copy Into This File.

  3. Select the File tab. From the folder structure, locate the client file from which you want to copy risks. Click Next.

  4. Select The following components. In the Components pane, select Documents.

  5. In the Documents pane, select Deselect All to deselect any documents that were selected in a previous copy operation.

  6. In the Documents pane, expand the Risk Assessment folder, then expand the Risk Assessment Summary sub-folder. Select the 520E. Risk report (CORE) document. Click Next.

  7. In the Clearing Components pane, leave all of the check boxes unselected. Click Next.

  8. In the Copy Components Wizard Complete pane, click Finish.

  9. If the other client file contains risks that are identical to the risks in your client file, a warning dialog appears, asking whether you want to overwrite the risks in your file. Click Yes to overwrite the risks, or click No to skip overwriting.

  10. If you are overwriting the risks in your file, another dialog appears, asking whether you want to update the Date Identified for the overwritten risks to today's date. Click Yes to update the identified date, or No to leave the date unchanged.

Note: When you copy the Risk Report from another client file, the settings you provided in the AO - General Options document remain unchanged.

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