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Working Papers Categories

Linkage categories appear along the left pane of the Linkage dialog and outline the information categories from Working Papers you can link to Word or Excel using Connector. Selecting a category populates the results panel with the client file specific information.

Category Description
Engagement Properties Refers to the client specific working papers information such as client details, tax information, contacts, reporting dates and period balances. This information is located under Engagement | Properties in Working Papers.
Document Information Refers to details of documents in the Document Manager such as descriptions and role completion information including sign off dates.
User Defined Refers to the user defined data as set in CaseView from Tools | User Defined Data.
Class Type Refers to ratio classes defined in the Working Papers client file. Only the class type values are available for linkage.
Accounts Refers to information in the working trial balance. From the Working Papers interface, this includes information listed under the tabs: Account, Report, Cash Flow and Performance Measures. Account descriptions and values can be linked.
The Accounts category shows only accounts belonging directly to the selected entity.
Mappings Refers to the mapping structure of the client file. Map number values and descriptions may be linked.
Lead Sheet and Groupings Refers to information related to the Lead Sheet and Groupings 2-10. Descriptions and values are included.
Tax Export Codes Refers to tax code descriptions and values.
CaseView Data Refers to information present in the CaseView database. Values are linked by their Group/Form/ID attributes in CaseView.
Adjusting Journal Entries Refers to information present in specific adjusting entries.
Consolidation Tree Refers to entity name and description of consolidated files.