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Installation Requirements

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In previous versions of Connector, only the client building the document required an installation of Connector. Other clients were able to view the document and, provided Working Papers had the applicable client file open, links would still update correctly. While this is still true of DDE-based linkages and any unconverted documents in 2009.00, UDF links now require an installation of both Working Papers and Connector to connect to the information in the Working Papers database.

Please refer to this table to determine if a workstation will be able to open a Connector document with the linked information intact:

Licensed software installation DDE-based linkages UDF-based linkages
Working Papers and Connector Links will function correctly Links will function correctly
Only Working Papers Links will function correctly Links will not connect
Only Connector Links will not connect Links will not connect

Note: It is possible to view a document without Connector installed, such as for a printing pool. Click here for more information.

Please consider the number of firm licenses of Connector when working with converted third party documents such as PPC, AuditVision, GoSystem, or ProSystem fx Conversion. PPC documents already rely on DDE-based linkages. The decision to convert them to UDF to take advantage of its extended features must be counterbalanced by the decision to purchase further Connector licenses.

Third party accounting software package documents rely on proprietary linkage formats that must be converted for Connector to correctly function.

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