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Available Switches for Silent Installations

Switch Function
/S Makes the .exe bootstrap silent (Connector 2014 and below).
/silent Executes a silent installation of the package (Connector 2015 and above).
/V Indicates that anything following this switch should be passed to the MSI Execution Engine. Note that there should not be a space between /V and the next arguement.
/qb Invokes a Quiet Install with a Basic Interface. This will display a progress bar during the installation
/qn Performs a Quiet Install with No Interface and can be used in place of /qb. You should not see any indication that the install is occurring apart from Desktop Shortcuts suddenly appearing, etc. The only way to know that the installation has completed with this option is to monitor the Task Manager for the MSIEXEC engine to finish.
/stage_only Creates an installation point. Extracts everything from the .exe and any child MSIs to provide direct access to the MSIs and Redistributables. Creates a directory with all the component parts available to be installed separately.