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-- How Do I? --

Linking Data from CaseView to Excel

When linking data from CaseView documents to Excel, you cannot directly link a cell from CaseView to a cell in Excel. Rather, you must first save the value of the CaseView cell to the CaseView database and then reference the CaseView database record in Excel.

  • CaseView documents, in a SmartSync version, must not have the Document Settings option "Document owns CaseView database records" enabled in the Client Options.

Saving CaseView cell values as a CaseView database record

  1. In CaseView, click on the cell and from the Format menu, select Cell...
  2. In the Edit Cell dialog, under General properties, check the External Data Access checkbox.

    An additional properties menu called External Data appears.

  3. Under External Data properties,
    1. Select Global Cell Data (Long ID) as the Data Type.
    2. Enter a unique identifier for the cell in the Identifier field.
    3. Enter the CaseView calculation in the Load Value Calculation.
    4. Enter r(0) as the Save Value Calculation.
  4. Click OK to save.

Referencing CaseView database record from Excel

  1. In Excel, click on a cell and open the Linkage dialog.
  2. Set the category to CaseView Data.
  3. Navigate the list to find the identifier of the database record where the CaseView cell value is stored.
  4. Click on the value and accept the linkage, or right-click on the value and select Link Formula.

The data from the CaseView document will be linked to Excel. For more information specific to CaseView, please refer to the latest CaseView Help.