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Link Paths Dialog

Formulas in Word or Excel documents can be linked to several different Working Papers client files. The Link Paths dialog can be used to check existing links and to reassign links from one file to another. To access the dialog, on the Add-Ins tab, from Connector, click Tools | Link Paths.

Note: This option is only applicable for changing DDE based linkages. Link paths for UDF based linkages are also displayed, however, they cannot be modified from this dialog (see Notes section).

This dialog box lists all the Working Papers files referenced in the current document. The Count indicates how many links to the corresponding file exist in the current document. The Type indicates whether the linkages are DDE or UDF based.

The available commands include:

  • Click this button to specify a new client file. Select the existing link path first and click Browse to modify the client file connection. All formulas pointing to the old file are automatically updated to now point to the newly selected file.

  • Click this button to specify a link path as the Active file. The Active file is always the file currently open on your workstation. To set links in a client file to reference the Active file, click the links you wish to change and click Set Active.

    For example, if a formula references an active file and you open Client A’s file, Client A’s data is shown in the Word or Excel file; if you open Client B’s file, then data for Client B is shown.

Icon Description

Active file link: Link to the active Working Papers file

File link: Link to a specific Working Papers file.

Note: This file can also be open as the active file, but these links do not change if the active file changes.

Broken link: Link to a specific Working Papers file that does not exist at the specified path. Use browse to choose an existing client file.
  • For UDF-based linkages, this dialog is meant as a reference. To link to a different client file, the formula itself will have to be manually modified. See Manually Changing Link Connections.
  • If linked to the active file, the results of formulas in the Excel or Word document change based on the file currently open. If linked to a specific file, the results of the formula change only when the data in the specific file changes.
  • If links currently point to a specific file and that file is opened in Working Papers, even though it is considered the Active file, the links will not change.

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