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Rebuilding and modifying the financial statements

Content is continually being added to the template to reflect changing standards and your template authors may be making recommendations about what should be in your file based on your reporting requirements. You can quickly add this new recommended content into your client file, or you can rebuild the financial statements if necessary.

Modifying existing content

CaseWare International and template authors are constantly updating content to reflect new and changing standards. Template authors may make recommendations for content that may be applicable based on your reporting requirements. This content can be quickly and easily added through the Modify button. Additionally, you may be prompted to add additional recommended content when opening the financial statements after a year-end close.

Note: You can also access any of these options from the Home tab.

  1. Open the Financial statements document and select the Content Management tab.
  2. Click (Modify).
  3. Select one of the following options:

    Option Description
    Add Additional Recommended Content Examines the current state to the template and adds any content recommended by the template author based on entity type, industry, region, assurance type, period, and custom conditions.
    Add New Recommended Content Only Add in any content marked as new by the template author or distributor.
    Replace Old Note Content with New Content Replace existing content with any available newer versions as marked by the template author or distributor. Does not add all content marked as new. Existing content is replaced only. Any local customizations will be lost. If you want to retain your customization, select the Check for updates button on the Content Management tab.
    Delete All Out of Date Disclosure Removes expired content from your client file unless the template author has specifically marked it as optional for removal. You will have to assess the note content and delete it manually if it is no longer applicable in your file.
    Delete All and Regenerate Delete all content and replaces it with default content. Not recommended for end users.

The financial statements are updated, based on your selection.

  • For all options other than Delete All and Regenerate, adding additional recommended content affects only Notes and Reporting by Directors.
  • New! Any newly added note content from the options above will contain a NEW flag. The new indicator will display until the add/remove content is activated again, or a year end is performed.

Inserting and deleting financial statement areas

After you have generated the financial statements, you can replace any area, such as a statement or schedules, with a new format from the Knowledge Library. You can also add in any new notes or delete any statement area from the financial statements.

Note: When you replace a financial statement area, any customizations that you have made are lost.

  1. Open the Financial statements document and select the Content Management tab.
  2. Click (Insert) or (Delete).
  3. From the list of statement areas that appears, select the statement area that you want to add, replace, or delete.

The financial statements are updated to reflect the change that you have made.