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-- How Do I? --

Testing Connectivity SyncStress

Identify issues on the network with the Sync Stress tool (SyncStress.exe). SyncStress repeatedly performs certain operations performed by SmartSync when accessing the sync log file to detect errors.

Obtain SyncStress from CaseWare Support.

Administrative right on the affected workstation.

  1. Download SyncStress.exe to the affected workstation.
  2. Download SyncStress.exe to at least one other workstation.
  3. Double-click on the file to open.
  4. Run SyncStress on the network configurations for both workstations. For more information, see Network Performance for more information.
  5. Note: Run SyncStress simultaneously for at least two users pointing at the same network location.

Label and forward the .log and .dat files generated by SyncStress for each Access Profile to CaseWare Support. For more information on SyncStress results, see Analyzing Sync Stress Network Testing Results.