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Adding New Sub Procedures to Authored Procedures


  1. Place your cursor on any procedure or sub procedure.
  2. Right click and select Insert New Sub Procedure - 1st Level or Insert New Sub Procedure - 2nd level. You can also use the Procedures menu at the top of the work program / checklist or the drop-down next to the button. You can specify the number of procedures to add, but sub procedures are limited to a maximum of 30.
  3. If you require the sub procedures at the second level, you must start with your cursor on a sub procedure.
  4. Type the required text or copy and paste text from another document. You can use the CaseView Style Bar to bold, italicize or underline any text added. Tip: if text is copied from another document, the font may not look the same upon copying. Save the document when complete, and the sub procedure will be applied with the font to match the rest of the procedures.
  5. Sort the sub procedures as required.

This online help system applies to all CaseWare Audit, Review and Compilation products. Not all features are available in all products.