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Completion responses

Audit provides drop‑down options with typical responses to work program steps. A maximum of ten standard responses can be defined by the firm.

Each response can have additional attributes added to the response. These attributes either aid in work flow efficiency, or help to provide further documentation evidence. Using the check boxes, the attributes can be added to the responses in any combination.


  • When attaching the Response requires a new issue attribute to a completion response, defining the Default issue type and Default issue due date in the drop-downs will complete these fields in the issue in the client file.

  • These options apply only to work program responses.

  • If a firm creates a checklist to follow the work program response area, it will also follow these options.

  • Hovering over response type icons provide a tooltip with an explanation of the response type function.

This online help system applies to all Caseware Audit, Review and Compilation products. Not all features are available in all products.