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PEG - Implement Compilation Standard CSRS 4200

The Caseware/CPA Canada PEG Review and Compilation template is compliant with CPA Canada's 2020 PEG content updates which include the new compilation standard CSRS 4200, Compilation Engagements. The new standards are effective for periods ending on or after December 14, 2021 - however, firms can apply them earlier.

CSRS 4200 can be implemented in a new or existing PEG engagement file. For more details on the implementation of the CSRS 4200, see Compilation Engagements, CSRS 4200 in PEG 2020 Volume 1 (Chapter 45).

To implement the CSRS 4200 standards in a new PEG engagement:

  1. In Working Papers, create an engagement file based on the Audit Review and Compilation template.
  2. In the Engagement Profile Selector dialog, select the PEG Compilation (CSRS 4200) profile. This profile includes the new CSRS 4200 forms that have been developed to meet the new standard.

The CSRS 4200 standards are added to the new PEG engagement.

To implement the CSRS 4200 standards in an existing PEG engagement:

  1. After updating the engagement file to the latest version of Caseware PEG, navigate to the Control Documents folder and open AO - General options.
  2. Locate the PEG Compilation (CSRS 4200) profile, then click Load profile to this engagement file (). Save the AO - General options document.

    Note: If you are working in a PEG Review profile and want to implement the new 4200 standards, we recommend you create a new engagement file to use the PEG Compilation (CSRS 4200) profile. If you are working in a PEG Compilation (Section 9200) profile, we recommend you switch profiles to CSRS 4200 to meet compliance requirements.

  3. On the Working Papers ribbon, click Home | From Library. In the Document Library dialog, change the source library to PEG Review and Compilation.
  4. In the document list, select the forms described in the table below:

    Reference Name
    COMP MAP. The PEG 3-step CSRS 4200 compilation approach
    CL1.1-1 Compilation engagement letter
    C1-10 Engagement acceptance/continuance
    C2-10 Knowledge of the entity
    2-90 Worksheet - Time budget
    C3-90 Worksheet - Withdrawal
    C350 Compilation engagement - Management acknowledgment of responsibilities
    C3-10 Completion checklist
    6-10 Report transmittal
    CE1.1 Compilation engagement report
  5. Click Add.

The new CSRS 4200 standards are added to the existing PEG engagement.

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