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Recommended Folders To Copy

Audit International includes the following default folders:

  • Instructions
  • Optimiser
  • General
  • Planning
  • Risk Assessment
  • Audit Plans and Procedures- Assets
  • Audit Plans and Procedures- Liabilities And Equity
  • Audit Plans and Procedures- Income Statement
  • Completion Documents
  • Update
  • Control Documents

Note: Not all documents are included in the folder. Documents within your current client file with the same document number should be deleted prior to copying over new documents that use the same number. Many of the Audit template documents write to the client file database, and retaining duplicates of them may cause problems.

We recommend copying the following folders into a Document Library:

  • Planning folder
  • Risk Assessment folder
  • Risk Response folder
  • Audit Plans and Procedures – Assets / Liabilities and Equity / Income Statement Folders
  • Completion Documents folder
  • New Master Documents folder
  • Update folder
  • Control Documents folder

This online help system applies to all Caseware Audit, Review and Compilation products. Not all features are available in all products.