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To export data to an ASCII text file

  1. From the File menu, select Exports 4 ASCII text files.
  2. In the Export to ASCII dialog, in the "Export to" section, select the path where to create the ASCII text file.
  3. Note: The file name is being assigned by the program: Ctdetexp.txt for the detail export, and Ctsumexp.txt for the summary export.

  4. Click the "Date format" button to select the date format desired in your ASCII text file.
  5. Select the "from and to" dates for the journal entries in your Time file you would like to export.
  6. Select the option to export transaction, detail or summary.
  7. Select the type of journals to export.
  8. Note: The journal type can be selected for export individually, in a combination or all types in one process.

    Note: There is only one file created for either detail or summary export. If the journals are not exported at the same time, the latest export will overwrite the previous one. For example when "invoice journal - summary" is exported, the file ctsumexp.txt is created. If the "cash receipts journal - summary" is selected to export next, the cash receipts journal entries will overwrite the invoice journal entries in the ctsumexp.txt file.

  9. Click the Export button to start the process.

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